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Thema:Fwd: Chaos/Fractals: Call for Papers
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Weitergeleitet aus der Newgroup sci.fractals:
> Hi,
> (I apologize if this duplicates a post I tried to make to sci.math
> on Friday.  I'm getting used to this Xnews newsgroup application...)
> You are cordially invited to submit interesting, well-written
> for the "Chaos and Graphics Section" of the international scientific
> journal Computers and Graphics (Elsevier).  I edit this section,
> appears in each issue of the journal.
> Topics include the mathematical, scientific, and artistic application
> fractals, chaos, and related.  Your papers can be quite short
> desired, for example, often a page or two is sufficient to convey
> idea and a pretty graphic.  (The journal is peer-reviewed, which
> that several reviewers will judge whether the paper is suitably
> attractive, relevant, or novel.)  I publish color, where appropriate.
> The goal of my section is to provide visual demonstrations
> complicated and beautiful structures which can arise in systems based
> simple rules.  The section presents papers on the seemingly
> combinations of randomness and structure in systems of mathematical,
> physical, biological, electrical, chemical, and artistic interest.
> Topics include:  iteration, cellular automata, bifurcation
> fractals, dynamical systems, patterns of nature created from
> rules, and aesthetic graphics drawn from the universe of mathematics
> art.
> You can find submission guidelines here:
> (The email address used to post this message is nonfunctioning.
> Please contact me at the address given at
> Thanks!
> Regards, Cliff
> -- 
> Respectfully, Roger L. Bagula
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> 619-5610814 :
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