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Thema:Principia Cybernetica
Erstellt am:24.09.2004

Weitergeleitete Information aus der Newsgroup comp.theory.self-org-sys zur

> A well reviewed website about Information, Systems Science,
> Cybernetics.
> Link here:
> and reviewing article here:
> (pdf)
> Which reads in part:
> "'Web in Review' by Kenneth Evans: 
> ...The conceptual tools of cybernetics
> are essential to information science, and, 
> therefore, quite pertinent to librarians. In a
> world increasingly built and busied by the
> exchange of information, systems science
> and cybernetics allows us to think further
> into a truly networked and cybernetic
> future. The Principia and tools like it may
> be in a most interesting, and perhaps even
> pivotal, position to connect people and
> ideas about the nature of the coming
> changes during the coming changes..."
> The reviewer suggests that websites like this one (Principia
> Cybernetica) are useful because they allow non-specialists access
> and understanding of specialized and cutting-edge research
> information.  Right on, I think.  The Principia is useful, and
> to be of great interest to info scientists.
> --Dead_Gropius

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