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Thema:CSIMTA’04 International Conference
Erstellt am:18.01.2004

Please see the first announcement of CSIMTA’04 International Conference at the site (to get the “Call for Papers” click on
download button at the left of front page on website).

This is the first of its type dedicated to the “complex system” aspect emerging
nowadays in many important and different domains in our society such as Physical Sciences,
Biology, Management, Economy, to quote a few. It is very evident that fundamental issues
related to Environment are strictly depending on the way this global problem will be

This is why contribution from everyone in the various fields dealing with the question is
necessary to fix the framework and to develop the leading lines of thought of this new but
major topic the role of which will considerably grow in the future.



The Conference Chairman :


Michel Cotsaftis, Professor                                                   

LTME/ECE 53 rue de Grenelle                                             

75007 Paris France                                                              



CSIMTA Secretariat email :

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