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Thema:Re: Reverse Engineering Chaos Von Eschenbach
Erstellt am:13.07.2002

> can we actually see music in real-time using fractals?

Do you mean hear or see?
We have a program that draws a fractal on the screen and plays corresponding music. But
the program is 12 years old and was written without any idea of nowadays midi or graphic
interfaces. The old setup used a DOS PC for the graphic. It produced midi events on the
serial interface, handed over to an Atari ST that drove a Proteus/I
What I would do now is to write a Java applet that produces midi events handed over to the
sound interface.
Or a webpage with a gif stream and a corresponding midi stream.
But at the moment I have no time to rewrite the program, and it must be totally rewritten,
because the specifications of the abstract interfaces nowadays are completely different
from the near-hardware-interfaces of last century.
It would be surely easier to get my Atari out of the cellar and use an old PC. But then
you cannot watch it over the Web.
Werner Eberl

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