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Thema:nonlinear bibliography chaosbib update
Erstellt am:12.07.2002

This is to announce that the nonlinear bibliography chaosbib has
It has 12.985 entries now (July 7th 2002).

The data have been checked  for consistency. All entries were
converted to BibTeX, run through bibcheck, and then reconverted to
refer format. I used the Perl based converters by D. Jacobsen and
respectively (with minor additions, e. g. the Proceedings of
Royal Societies are treated as journal articles and not as conference
proceedings). Now the data are invariant under refs2bibtex.bibtex2refs.
Off course, this does not guarantee that they are correct. I welcome
pointing out mistakes to me.
Also I have removed duplicate entries and corrected misspellings.
I would like to thank all who have contributed data
and/or have pointed out mistakes.
The bibliography is available in two flavors: BibTeX und Unix'
here are two ways to access the data:
  www access:
  ftp access:
               directory: pub/chaos/chaosbib  for BibTex-style
                          pub/chaos/chaosref  for Refs-style

In pub/chaos/chaosref there is a Refs-file new9509.ref containing
references which have been added in September 1995. This file is
included in the zip-archive
The same holds for new9510.ref and for new9511.ref and so on.
I have also installed a small search engine. It can be reached via
www access URL.

11. 07. 2002
Yours from the Rhine river
Peter E. Beckmann

Peter E. Beckmann
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